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Latest IT News and Updates

Zentyal - Enable vacation function (Out of Office)

For some reason Zentyal 5 (and 4 before it) does not enable the vacation out-of-office message in Sogo (even thought the function is available in the software).

To enable it, follow these steps (you will need access to the command line console):

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Job Opportunity - Administrative Assistant

ALT is seeking an Administrative Assistant for our North Miami office. A successful Administrative Assistant should ensure the efficient and smooth day-to-day operation of our office.

Your Responsibilities

  • Answer phones and takes and deliver messages;
  • Perform filing, copying, mailing, general office duties including operation of typical office machines, such as printers and copy machines;
  • Compose/type basic correspondence and reports
  • Order and maintain office supplies
  • Prepare internal team communications, meeting agenda, schedules meetings via Microsoft Outlook, and documents meetings through preparation of meeting minutes;
  • Prepare presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint;
  • Develop and maintains information in spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel;
  • Develop basic databases using Microsoft Access;
  • Accounts Receivable - follow up with clients on payments issues, field calls from consultants regarding invoicing issues;
  • Accounts Payable - receive and review all vendor invoices for payment;
  • Act as liaison between our staff and client’s staff including arranging meetings, clarifying and resolving minor problems, coordinating work, etc.;
  • Oversee and/or process day-to-day administrative items;
  • Provide direct project support to assigned project managers, including but not limited to reports, studies, spreadsheets, schedule preparation, meeting organization and note taking, etc. per project manager's requests;

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Should I upgrade to Windows 10?

windows 10We've been getting questions from users regarding whether or not they should upgrade to Windows 10. Our answer is usually the same for everyone: ask yourself if you need it.

For the business environment, Windows (any version) is a tool to get work done. If you get a tool that breaks your work environment and requires you re-learn the basic functionality, then the answer is of course "no".

You should upgrade if

  • There's a functionality in Windows 10 that is not available in the current version that you are using.
  • You are tired of the old look and feel of your current Windows
  • You are feeling adventurous and would like to learn the new Windows.

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Search Engine Optimization Guide (SEO)

search engine optimization

We always get approached with the same question from many clients: I'd like to do some Search Engine Optimization (SEO), where should I start? It is hard to answer this question in a couple words. (It's like asking, I'd like to be a car mechanic, where should I start?) So we've put this page together to provide some guidance for beginners. This is by no means exhaustive, but it is a starting point for many DYI people.


This is a constantly updated page, since things are always changing. We mostly talks about Google search engine (since it is the dominant one), but the rules apply to all other major search engines.

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Unlocking locked files in Mac OS

Let's say you are trying to change the permissions of some files (using chown or chmod), but you get an error:

Operation not permitted

Apple and Mac IT SupportThis is (in most cases) because the files are locked (you can verify that by going to "Get Info" for each file or directory). One way to solve it is to go through the list of permission errors and manually unlock them using Finder. A quicker way is to do it on a command line:

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