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About ALT

Who Are We?


We are a Miami based computer systems consulting firm. Since 1999 we have been providing technical advice and web site development to a number of non-profit organizations, government departments and businesses. Our main goal is to cut costs for our clients by finding alternative technologies for their needs, (Use of Open Source software to replace commercial applications, setting up Content Management systems to allow website maintenance within the organization, etc.) while providing quality service. We have a team of reliable and knowledgeable consultants that has been serving the Miami and South Florida community for over 15 years.


Why Us?

satisfied-customersWe have developed several products to accompany our services. Some of those solutions include complimentary offsite backup systems, monitoring and maintenance tools that prevent major failures from happening and provide fast recovery in case they do.

We do not affiliate with vendors

We are IT consultants and not salespeople. Over the years our policy has been to stay neutral to vendors and providers. Are you an Apple fan - great, then so are we! You don't like Lenovo products? No problem. We always provide objective recommendations. If we recommend something, it is because we like that product and not because we get paid to sell it.

Fast IT Service

Our technicians can fix 95% of the problems by immediately taking control of your system from our office.
If there's a problem that requires a site visit, we will immediately send help over.

We Speak Like You

If you have problems with your system or have questions, you can ask us and we will answer in plain English, without technical terms or jargon.

Fixed Quotes

Our final invoice will be the same as our quote - no surprises at the end.

We look to improve your IT infrastructure

testimonial-quoteWe always look for ways to improve your IT systems. We monitor your network 24/7 to prevent problems before they occur and will give you suggestions on possible improvements.

We're always here to help

We always have technicians on call, so if you have an emergency you can get help - even if it is outside of regular business hours.

Tel: (786) 646-6461   |   Toll-Free: (877) 454-0758
1990 NE 163rd St, Suite 215, North Miami Beach, FL 33162, USA
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