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Miami and South Florida Business IT Consulting

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Tailored IT Services:

All businesses are different. Because we appreciate the uniqueness of each firm, we take a customized approach to business IT support. Select the industry that best applies to you and see how our technology management can help your firm grow:

Latest Updates

23 January 2017
A quick way to determine if the week is odd or even in bash: #!/bin/bashWEEK=`date +"%V"`if [ $(($WEEK%2)) -eq 0 ];then   ...
09 December 2016
You have a server, but want to setup VNC to access the GUI? This tutorial will help with that. We've used Ubuntu 16.04 to install, but it sh...
13 November 2016
Q: We have switching our Exchange server to another one, but the autodiscover keeps reverting back. Is there a way to fix this? A: You can ...
15 September 2016
The widely used ifconfig is missing from Centos 7.X version of Linux with minimal install. To get it back, run the following command: yum i...
13 September 2016
These are instructions for generating the CSR for Apache 2. Steps: 1) Log in to your server's terminal (SSH). 2) Type: openssl req -new ...

Complimentary IT Assessment


Having issues or just looking for IT advice? Contact us today and we’ll review the health of your current IT infrastructure.


Mac Consulting

Mac Support

We offer a wide range of services for Apple computers and peripherals: from personal devices to full serer deployment.


Linux Consulting

Linux Support
We provide on-site and remote Linux support from basic hosting issues to supporting for advanced computational facilities.