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Latest IT News and Updates

Fix NTFS partition errors under Linux

ubuntu10We'll use Ubuntu for this example, but essentially you need an ntfs-3g package, which contains ntfsfix. Under Ubuntu, run the following to install it:

sudo apt-get install ntfs-3g

Then this (where /dev/sdd1 would be your ntfs disk):

ntfsfix /dev/sdd1

Depending on what you are trying to fix, you may want to use options -b and -d.

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Create a PDF from a series of images

pdf-logoWe often get asked, if there's a simple way to join PDFs from many images under linux. The task is very trivial, if you have 1-2 images, as you can use many of the graphical applications. If you have 10-20 or more, we recommend pdfjoin. It runs under Linux on a command line and allows for a quick images to PDF combine.

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RDS Client Access License error (and how to fix)

On some occasions, when accessing an Remote Desktop Server that gives out licenses based on devices, you may get this error:

Error: The remote session was disconnected because the Remote Desktop client access license stored on this computer has been modified

You can fix this using the following steps:

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Zentyal - Enable vacation function (Out of Office)

For some reason Zentyal 5 (and 4 before it) does not enable the vacation out-of-office message in Sogo (even thought the function is available in the software).

To enable it, follow these steps (you will need access to the command line console):

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Job Opportunity - System Support Technician

ALT is seeking a System Support Technician for our Miami office.

Your Responsibilities

  • Respond to monitoring alerts and customer initiated tickets
  • Troubleshoot and find resolutions to complex technical problems
  • Escalate all Critical/High issues to designate support team within SLA guidelines
  • Document, track and monitor the problem to ensure timely resolution
  • Demonstrate an excellent Customer Service Skills and Attitude
  • Provide reliable technical support
  • Monitor internal platforms utilizing monitoring tools
  • Strictly manage assigned schedules such as maintenance window
  • Consistently access and read all NOC communications including shift email, incident tickets, installation information and technical documentation to keep updated on operational activities
  • Ensure all test environments and production servers are operational within the specifications set forth by the owner department and/or service level agreement
  • Consistently follow documented procedures and guidelines related to monitoring systems and platforms
  • Understand how systems and platforms operate and interact
  • Interface with users, other teams and service providers to resolve problems, perform day to day operational tasks
  • Maintain equipment inventory records and infrastructure topology documentation
  • Required to perform shift work and/or may be required for on-call coverage and/or after-hours support

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