Systems Administrator - Los Angeles, CA

We’re looking for a IT Systems Administrator to join our team in helping our clients achieve their greatest potential through the use of information technology.

About ALT Consulting

ALT Consulting is a US-based IT consulting and managed IT services firm. We provide people-driven organizations with the tools they need to organize, manage, protect, and distribute information in an effective manner. Our focus is on delivering outstanding support for business-critical functions and being our clients’ strategic technology resource.

With offices in the United States and Canada, we have the pleasure of working with a diverse set of clients in the healthcare, law, government, non-profit, as well as finance, engineering, and education industries across North America.

Our diverse background in software, network, and computer engineering allows us to bring unique skillsets and perspectives to managed IT services. We work closely with our clients from planning, to implementation and support, and manage each project to ensure our standard of service is being met throughout.

About the Job

During a typical morning as a Systems Administrator, you will be providing technical support to our clients; helping them resolve technology problems, advising them, and working with teammates to tackle more complex issues.

At other times, you may be working on larger client projects, as well as attending site visits or deploying equipment. At ALT Consulting, we are constantly learning about new technologies and seeking out ways to improve the client experience. Therefore, as part of your role, you will be performing research, or evaluating new equipment or software to implement for clients.

For ongoing projects, you will communicate with clients and project managers to provide updates. You will also be invited to join senior staff to provide insight during sales meetings.

As you gain knowledge and experience in different domains, you may want to specialize in a field that best suits your career path. A successful IT Systems Administrator will be offered opportunities to specialize as a Senior IT Consultant, vCIO, Product Development Engineer, as well as Management and Executive positions and roles.

Each day you will be empowered to be innovative, think differently, and work autonomously while challenging yourself to grow and improve.

Workstation and Office Setup

You will be well equipped to handle not only the day-to-day support challenges, but you will also play a vital role in moving key projects forward with your own advanced technology setup. When working from the office, you’ll be in your own private workspace, which includes an immersive 40-inch 4K monitor, a MacBook Pro, quality peripherals, and an ergonomic desk and chair.


  • Developing IT solutions and reports, based on sound project management methodologies

  • Supporting the project delivery by:

    • Engaging with our clients with clear and concise communication
    • Performing extensive research to find the best solution
    • Procuring IT equipment or software
    • Planning and executing testing
    • Building supporting documentation
    • Researching leading practices and tools
    • Developing and applying innovative models and methodologies
  • Interacting with multidisciplinary teams to support the delivery of their projects

  • Organizing logistics and developing supporting material for client meetings

  • Collaborating with team members to find the most creative and useable solution for our clients

About You

You are a perfect match for this role if you are someone who:

  • Has a college or bachelor’s degree in an IT related field
  • Has proficient knowledge of Windows and Linux server systems
  • Has experience working with virtualization technologies (e.g. VMware, VirtualBox, OpenStack, Hyper-V, KVM, etc.)
  • Has experience with networking equipment and is able to resolve network-related issues
  • Can configure, deploy, and support a wide range of server hardware (e.g. Dell EMC, HP ProLiant, IBM server systems)
  • Has experience working with Microsoft Exchange and/or Office 365 administration
  • Is able to resolve level 2 and level 3 issues

  • Can work independently without supervision
  • Is a self-starter and is resourceful at finding solutions
  • Has a need to initiate projects and see them through from start to finish
  • Has the ability to distill clarity from complexity
  • Is able to succinctly communicate their approach and proposed solution
  • Takes ownership of problems to help clients achieve their outcomes
  • Has the ability to quickly understand and use new tools, software, and equipment
  • Can configure, deploy, and support a wide range of business IT equipment and software
  • Is seeking a career that is challenging and rewarding
  • Has empathy for client matters
  • Has the ability to create rapport with clients
  • Has a valid driver’s licence
  • Can provide your own transportation

The following is considered an asset:

  • 5+ years of related work experience
  • Cisco, Microsoft, Red Hat, OpenStack, and VMware certifications
  • Experience leading IT projects and collaborating with team members to deploy IT solutions
  • Working knowledge and/or experience with Linux systems (configuration, troubleshooting, maintenance, virtualization)
  • Proficient knowledge and/or experience with networking and IT security equipment (configuration, troubleshooting, maintenance) and using VPNs
  • Proficient knowledge of Microsoft technologies: Windows Server, Hyper-V, Remote Desktop Services, SQL, Exchange, SCCM, Microsoft 365, Azure

How to Apply

We’re truly interested to learn more about you, so in the cover letter section, please take the time to let us know why you think you would be a great fit for this position.

Even if you think you may not have all of the relevant skills or experience, but are passionate about learning and think you’ll be a valuable contribution to our team, consider applying anyway. We look at all applications with a cover letter and we may have a place for you.

Apply to ALT Consulting

If you think you are a fit for ALT Consulting, we would like to hear from you.